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I had recently been feeling like this year has been a lacklustre one for movies and that there hadn’t been much that truly grabbed me. Then, as I did back in June, I looked back at the list of films I had watched over the last 6 months. To my surprise, I’d actually seen a ton of good and great films. So what’s a sporadic film blogger to do other than categorize them?

Tier 1 (the great stuff)

much-ado-about-nothing-nathan-fillion Cropped

  • Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare gets the Joss Whedon treatment. I laughed out loud. Lots.
  • Something In The Air – wonderful French coming of age drama.
  • A Field In England – bleak and intelligent, I’m itching for another viewing.
  • Wadjda – a touching film about a young girl just wanting to ride a bicycle and the impact of institutionalised sexism.
  • Frances Ha – Greta Gerwig is great as a lost 20-something.
  • The Way Way Back – ‘the feel good comedy of the summer’.
  • Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen at his finest.
  • Drinking Buddies – mumblecore goodness set in a brewery. Awkward romance ensues.

Tier 2 (good or very good)

g6 Cropped

  • Gravity – I’ve never felt as tense during a film or as elated afterwards. Slips into Tier 2 simply because I can’t stomach a re-watch.
  • The World’s End & Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – grouped together for filling my summer with brit-com excellence.
  • The Grandmaster – Great martial arts film, sub-par Wong Kar-wai film. I’ll take it.
  • Ender’s Game – surprisingly my favourite blockbuster of the year.
  • Computer Chess – mumblecore goodness set at a computer chess tournament in the 80s. Awkward ensues.
  • Metallica Through the Never – refreshing concert film which works brilliantly by adding in narrative elements. Dane DeHaan <3

Excellent stuff I’ve watched at home

HARAKIRI_1962_MoC_01 Cropped

  • Harakiri – masterful samurai drama.
  • The Others Guys & This is the End – two comedies I really enjoyed whilst consuming alcohol on a Friday night.
  • Fast and the Furious 1-4 – this series is just so full of fun. The cast feel like a family. RIP Paul Walker.

Fuck my life

The-Counselor-2013-Photos Cropped

  • The Counselor – just one entry here. Ridley Scott and the entire cast of top actors completely mishandle Cormac McCarthy’s screenplay.