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Because I keep a spreadsheet of these things, I’m aware that I’ve watched 81 films so far this year across both home and cinema viewings. That’s not a bad statistic for the half way point, but considering I watched 200 in total last year, it could be better.

I have however managed to see them in 12 different cinemas, which is more impressive. And they take in wonderful venues like the Phoenix in East Finchley, the cosy Everyman Baker Street and the luxurious Screen on the Green, alongside the shabby Cineworld Haymarket and the downright terrible Cineworld Wood Green – which, with 9 returns, in my most visited cinema this year.

Despite seeing 81 films, the majority were pretty forgettable, let’s do some ranking:

Likely to be near my top ten come December


  • Hors Satan – arty French miserablist may or may not be evil.
  • Cloud Atlas – a symphonic cacophony of shiny pop philosophy.
  • No – outstanding Chilean political campaign drama.
  • Spring Breakers – a postmodern dismantling of the American dream.

Pretty entertaining cinema releases


  • Les Miserables – over the top melodrama.
  • Django Unchained – over the top violence.
  • Stoker – stylised black comedy.
  • For Ellen – understated wistful indie.
  • Safe Haven – romantic pic that plays its genre cards well.
  • Underground – 1928 silent set around the London Underground network.
  • Iron Man 3 – (Shane) Black is back.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness – nice character dynamics and lots of running around.

The best things I watched at home


  • Uzak – slow burning Turkish drama.
  • Touch of Evil – Orson Welles classic.
  • Fallen Angels – Wong Kar Wai classic.
  • Lawrence of Arabia – one hell of a classic.
  • Magnolia – revisiting one of my all time faves was worthwhile.
  • All About Eve – likewise.
  • Pulp Fiction – its been a few years since my last watch, but still holds up.
  • Fallen Angel – a clever and entertaining Otto Preminger noir.

Fuck my life (both home & cinema)


  • Brick – self indulgent nonsense.
  • Le Mepris – I still don’t quite ‘get’ Godard. Could be described as self indulgent nonsense.
  • Trance – self indulgent nonsense with two gratuitous vagina shots.
  • The Great Gatsby – self indulgent nonsense that preaches against self indulgent nonsense.

So I make that a hit rate of 20 out of 81, or 24.7%. Not bad.

Also, the kind of film I don’t like seems pretty clear now.