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I’m aware I haven’t posted anything in a few days, but I have actually seen a few things recently, here’s a review roundup.

Bridesmaids (2011) – Never judge a film by its shitty trailer. Last year Bridesmaids was a surprise critical hit, and while I intended to see it I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm based on the irritating and unfunny trailers. I thought I knew what I would be getting: a Judd Apatow movie but for girls. Well I’m happy to say that after finally catching up with it, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a likeable film, with believable relationships, and – importantly – it’s actually funny. [3.5/5]

Wild Strawberries (1957) – Ingmar Bergman’s film is a rumination on life, death and religion, with a road trip full of interesting travellers at its centre – so similar to The Seventh Seal then. It’s not as profound or visually stunning as that masterpiece though. Instead Wild Strawberries is a quiet film, undertaking its heavy subjects with grace and humour. Somewhat hard going, but never as heavy or obtuse as watching a Tarkovsky equivalent when looking for this sort of thing. [3.5/5]

Legend of the Millennium Dragon (2011) – I watched this pretty much on a whim as it’s recently been added to Love Film Instant and it provided a nice chunk of movie-sized anime. A 15 year old boy is sent back in time to Japan’s Heian era to stop a war between humans and Oni. Supposedly the ‘saviour’ by lineage, he gets control of a cute but-badass-dragon to do battle, but soon finds himself questioning which side he should be supporting. It’s aimed a little young but there’s still lots to like with action, fantasy, likable characters, some pretty animation and a good message. [3/5]