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This week’s Films on TV features a western classic and Charlie Kaufman’s most underrated film:

Red River (pictured) – An absolutely sublime western from Howard Hawks and John Wayne. Trust me, they don’t get much better than this. Saturday 4.20pm and Sunday 2.20pm, ITV4

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – This seems to be regarded as a lesser effort in both the outputs of Charlie Kaufman as screenwriter and George Clooney as director, but I think it’s fantastic. Sam Rockwell plays a TV host with a double life as a secret agent. Saturday night / Sunday morning 1.55am, BBC3

A Clockwork Orange – You’ve all seen Kubrick’s ultra-violent classic right? Well it’s always good to know when films of the quality are on anyway. Monday 10pm, ITV4

The Ladykillers – This remake of the classic Ealing comedy is the only Coen brothers film I haven’t seen. Worth a watch? Well by all accounts it’s inferior to the original but it’s the Coens, so it can’t be that bad? Can it? Thursday night / Friday morning 2am, BBC3