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So today was the launch event for the 55th BFI London Film Festival which temporarily sent Twitter into a crazy land of cinematic excitement this morning.

The two most exciting announcements were Shame, which I’ve mentioned in these parts before (AND AM FUCKING EXCITED FOR), and The Artist (pictured) – the new silent that wowed Cannes and has got me sweating in anticipation.

Of course, I’m probably not going to see either of those since I’m not a BFI member (I know, but I do have a Sight & Sound subscription) and the tickets will sell faster than cakes that are hot.

Anyway, I’ve been combing through the line-up and there’s plenty to be intrigued by. I’ve put together a little list of things which look cool and that I might be watching come mid-October:

Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below (pictured left) – beautiful looking anime.

Coriolanus – Ralph Fiennes’ modern day take on Shakespeare.

Dragonslayer – a documentary portrait of 20-something skateboarder who feels disconnected from the world around him.


Hari-Kiri: Death of a Samurai – Takashi Miike’s Samurai follow-up to 13 Assassins.

The Ides of March – George Clooney’s political campaign drama.

The Kid with a Bike – the new one from art-house favourites the Dardenne brothers.

Michael (pictured right) – that paedophile drama from Cannes. A man lives a mundane life, except for the fact he has a ten-year-old captive in his basement.

Point of Order! – a documentary edited from live TV recordings of the 1954 McCarthy hearings.

Restless – a teenage romance from the always dependable Gus Van Sant.

Sarah Palin – You Betcha! – king of the documentaries Nick Broomfield turns his eye to Sarah Palin.

A Simple Life – about a relationship between a middle aged man, played by Andy Lau, and an elderly woman. Film festivals can always do with more Andy Lau.

Stateless Things – crossing stories of two young men stuck in hopeless situations in South Korea.

Target – a Russian dystopian tale set in the near future.

This Must Be The Place – Sean Penn plays a retired rock-star going on a road trip.

Weekend (pictured left) – an British indie romance. Two guys fall for each other, but one is planning to leave for America.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – much discussed adaptation finally makes it here.